This is how it all began…

After several surveys done during 2017 and 2018, added my experience as an amateur golf player, I had come to the conclusion that the putter is the aspect of the game that defines practically the final score.

太阳城3It is very interesting to think about why people don´t start to work on such an important stroke that directly affects theirs performance.We are certain that this happens because the golf player practice the putting without a proper technique and without a repetitive and consistent mechanic, so this makes it very tedious, boring and frustrating.

Therefore, the players devote their time to other aspects of the game, where improvements are seen immediately.That's why we developed a portable device, easy to carry, concrete and simple but effective as well太阳城3, that improves notably the performance of the short game of golf: the putting and the aproach.

With the Best-Putt any golfer will be able to improve, check and practice his technique to make their short game more automated and less frustrating.This brings, consequently an improvement of the game and a very fruitful habit in the field.

PGA SHOW -2019

PGA SHOW -2019

Alejandro Diz, creator of  Best Putt

Alejandro Diz, creator of Best Putt

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